When you spend your hard earned money for a truly custom guitar or bass, you expect an instrument that’s a little more personal and provides you options that fall outside of what the manufacturer offers as “standard” options.  At SOAR guitars and basses, we believe in personalizing your guitar or bass to your personal preferences, playing style, and the anatomy of your hands as they relate to the instrument.


We want to build you a guitar or bass that “fits” YOU.  It won’t be a guitar or bass that you’d find hanging on a hook at any music store.  It will also never require “hot rodding” or “Frankensteining”.  It will be manufactured with the best woods available, top of the line pickups that you select, the best tuning machines, switches, pots, and an engineered personal building process that few other luthiers offer.


Most luthiers are former musicians, or formally trained in luthier schools, or craftsmen that were trained in cabinet making.  Few if any come from an engineering background.  At SOAR guitars, engineering is at the core of our designs.  We question everything about a design and develop a design that uses each component of the guitar or bass to enhance its sound, sustain, and tone.  We also look at past assembly practices from other manufacturers and look to see how we can build a similar design better.


With almost 40 years of playing guitar, over 30 years in an engineering discipline (electrical design), and 25 years of custom motorcycle construction, we believe we’ve developed the best solution for building a custom guitar or bass.  All of this for much less than you’d pay for one of the major manufacturer’s custom offerings and many times for less money than you’d pay for their “standard” offerings.


Please stay tuned as we develop this website and finish several designs in process.  We’re sure that you’ll distinguish the differences between a SOAR guitar or bass and what has been offered by almost every major manufacturer in the past.  We are going to change what the word “custom” means in guitar and bass construction.


Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to making you the best custom guitar that can be had.


— Craig


Soar Guitars & Basses